The Company

We are an insurance company that covers various aspects of insurance for companies. Our primary focus has been on corporate and companies. We provide various forms of insurance to you as a company.
We have agents all over the world on support who would travel to your destination and provide you the necessary support you need both during the initiation of a key man company insurance or execution during any eventuality that has occurred.

Our Goal:

To protect each and every business enterprise by providing insurance to the company and its stake holders.

Our Services:

We provide group life insurance coverage for all employees of a company and have combined packages that cover key people as well. That is group life insurance and key man insurances are combined and offered.

We work out minimum premiums with maximum benefits. We offer the best rates in the market. We have a large number of agents who have been in this field for many years and knows what every company needs.

Before making an offer we do a thorough study of the company, its people, risks and business model. After the study is completed we provide you with a package that would mitigate your risks to a large extent.
We provide 24x7 support on our toll free number, our agents may also visit your office regularly if that would suit you better. We can also package the policies in such a way that it could be a serious employee retention aspect of your company.

In case you have a change of mind, though it is unfortunate for us, we have one of the lowest severance packages in the industry. In case of any eventuality we offer you the best support and a dedicated person would be available with you until there is a smooth hand over to the new person.

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